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Lamby’s Seafood

Lamby’s Seafood

Welcome to Lamby’s Seafood!    Open  Wednesday – Sunday 11am – 5pm 

Lambys Seafood
Lambys Seafood Price List
**It’s best to check the blackboards for prices and availability, the prices below are a guide only and may well be out of date.
SeafoodTub (Small/Medium/Large)1/2 Pint1 Pint
Cockles£2.20 (s) /£3.00 (m)/£4.50 (l)£3.40£6.80
Whelks£2.20 (s) /£3.00 (m)/£4.50 (l)£3.40£6.80
Mussels£2.20 (s) /£3.00 (m)/£4.00 (l)£3.00£6.00
Peeled Prawns£2.20 (s) /£4.20 (m)/£5.50 (l) n/a n/a
Peeled King Prawns£2.50 (s) /£4.80 (m)/£6.00 (l) n/a n/a
Jellied Eels£3.90 (s) /£5.00 (l) n/a n/a
Rollmops (Sold individually)£1.20 Each n/a n/a
Large Prawns50p eachn/a n/a
Lobster Flavour Tails£1.40 Each n/a n/a
Pinkies3 Pinkies for £1.00 n/a n/a
Crayfish Tails£2.50 (s) /£4.80 (m)/ £6.00(l) n/a n/a
Shell-on Prawns n/a£1.60£3.20
Cornish Fresh Peeled Crab Claws£10.95 pack n/a n/a
Cornish Fresh Peeled Crab Meat£9.95 pack n/a n/a
Dressed Crab 8oz£5.95 each
LobsterVarious prices when available
Wet FishPrice Per KG
CodCheck Display for availability
SkateCheck Display for availability
HussCheck Display for availability
HaddockCheck Display for availability
PlaiceCheck Display for availability
Cannot see what you want  We can order it in for you


Lamby’s Seafood is very proud to have been awarded the highest Food Hygiene Rating by Shepway District Council. We work hard to ensure that everything is clean, prepared and presented to the highest possible standard so you know you can enjoy our food and relax with the knowledge we have a 5 star certificate.

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