Did you know….


The Ocean Inn was built in 1733.

Most people on other websites have this year wrong, we can confirm that it’s 1733 as there is a bottle at the top of the building with the date on it.

We have a ghost called George that lives in the cellar.

Never seen it myself, however, I do NOT like being in the cellar. Not even sure if it’s a right load of old rubbish, but every good pub needs a ghost and I am not one to question the strange stuff that happens in the pub.

At some point in time, we were called the Victoria.

Not sure when in terms of years but our original name ‘The Ocean Inn’ was found out after the Second World War renovations and then the Landlord promptly renamed the pub.

We don’t like Pirates!

Okay, this one is a huge lie, WHO doesn’t love Pirates? Just wanted to make sure you are still reading…

We have 2 original murals showing smugglers on our walls!

These have been painted by Captain Jack Sparrow himself, when he was shipwrecked on the sands of Dymchurch Beach. *Also a fib – The Jack Sparrow bit anyway.

The Ocean Inn is featured in Dr Syn’s books by Russell Thorndyke

This is true, Although I have never read the books. Also it’s true that on Dymchurch Day of Syn, you can be arrested by the local constabulary and be locked up for a fee or ransom. More information here Day of Syn

There are Smugglers tunnels that run from the beach to pubs in Dymchurch.

I could tell you where these are , but I would have to kill you.

During the Napoleonic Wars…

Napoleon had earmarked The Ocean Inn as his first planned stop, after he had defeated the British, sadly, he never did defeat us, so we will never know if this is true or not. But it was certainly rumoured that he likes an ale and British Fish & Chips. Also, 74 Martello Towers where built to keep Napoleon away and the one that stands in the car park next door to us is sadly unused.

Dog’s are VERY welcome!

If you are a DOG and you have a well behaved owner, then pop in for some water and a treat.

How to tell the difference between, a Pirate and a Smuggler.

Okay you have to get close to them and really look! But be careful! One steals stuff and the other transports it but all I know is that, when they have come in, we don’t have any Rum left. They also like a game of Pool.

The Pirates Flag

Ever wonder where it came from? Well… many years ago when the world was still in black and white, Maritime Navy’s would fly a skull and cross bones from their ship to indicate distress and scurvy was a real problem at sea. So when other ships saw the flag they would rush to help the ship in distress. Now… the Pirates thought about this… and figured, being a pirate is too much like hard work, why not get the ships to come to them and THEN they can loot and rob the other ships. So… they flew the flag and took what they wanted… and the rest is history.



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